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Adult, Adolescent, and Child Psychiatrist
Forensic Psychiatrist

Emily Gavett-Liu, MD, is a child, adolescent, adult and forensic psychiatrist. She completed her medical school and General Psychiatry residency at the University of Buffalo School of Medicine, and went on to complete her Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Forensic Psychiatry Fellowships at SUNY Upstate Medical School. She is triple board certified in General Psychiatry, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, and Forensic Psychiatry through the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology.


Dr. Gavett-Liu was the medical director for the Children's Guild, a non-profit organization serving children, adolescents and their families throughout Maryland and Washington D.C., for nearly 5 years. At this organization, she also had a busy outpatient clinical practice, was a consulting psychiatrist at the organization's non-public Level V special education school, was a consulting psychiatrist in their group home facilities, and was a consulting psychiatrist for many youth in the organization's therapeutic foster care program. She was the co-owner and co-founder of Comprehensive Psychiatric Services of Maryland, where she provided therapy and psychotropic medication management for youth and adults. Since 2018, she has been the lead psychiatrist for the Flexible Assertive Community Treatment Team (FACT Team) at the Canadian Mental Health Association of Waterloo Wellington for 2 years. The FACT Team serves individuals with serious mental illnesses and diagnoses such as Schizophrenia, Schizoaffective Disorder, Bipolar Disorder, Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, personality disorders, and Substance Use Disorders. She has also been a child, adolescent and adult psychiatrist for the organization. She has recently re-opened her private practice in Maryland and is joining the team at Choulet Wellness as an outpatient child, adolescent, and adult psychiatrist, where she brings her broad experience to provide therapy and psychotropic medication management.


In addition to her clinical work, Dr. Gavett-Liu also has vast forensic psychiatry experience with youth and adults. She has performed hundreds of forensic and medico-legal evaluations over the past nine years. She served as the Senior Medical Advisor for the Office of Juvenile Pretrial Services through the Behavioral Health Administration for the state of Maryland. In this position, she oversaw all court-ordered Competency to Proceed evaluations for youth in the state of Maryland, training the psychiatric and psychological evaluators and competency attainment providers, and performing evaluations, often with youth who had the most difficult cases (i.e. individuals who were very young, had more serious charges, such as attempted murder, or who were accused of more high profile crimes). She has performed state and federal evaluations with youth and adults for the court, and has testified as an expert witness in New York and Maryland. She is also now performing medico-legal evaluations in Ontario, Canada, such as independent medical evaluations for individuals that have been in an accident, treatment planning evaluations, catastrophic assessments, evaluations for tort cases (lawsuits), disability evaluations, and return to work or fitness for duty evaluations. Dr. Gavett-Liu has conducted forensic and medico-legal evaluations and testified is cases where the accused is charged with serious crimes such as murder or attempted murder, and for individuals as young as 8-years-old. 

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