Nutrition Coaching with Cheyenne Klein

Cheyenne believes in taking a long-term, sustainable approach to nutrition that doesn’t include food restrictions. She's here to help you build healthy habits, reach your goals, and improve your relationship with food and your body! Cheyenne takes an evidence based approach to nutrition while using cultivation of food freedom, habit tracking, check-ins, & education to help you become your best–mentally and physically.


Initial consult


With the initial consult, we will do an in depth assessment of your medical history, diet history, physical activity habits, eating behaviors, and typical food patterns and preference. We can discuss and set goals, and address your concerns regarding nutrition. We can develop a big picture plan and identify what you would like to focus on.

Follow up


Follow up sessions introduce strategies to help you move towards your goals, work through barriers and make adjustments as needed.

*New clients may wonder how many sessions are needed. That will depend on your goals, readiness to change, and what support systems you have. This can be difficult to predict but I will be available for you as long as you find value in our sessions.

Grocery Store Visit


The grocery store can be the start of where nutrition goals turn into action. We can walk through the aisles, review nutrition labels, and answer your questions along the way.

60-90 minutes at any grocery store in Scottsdale, AZ.

6 week package


Initial consult

1:1 goal setting

Macro prescription

Weekly accountability check-ins

Food journal analysis

Results tracking

Text and email support

Over 6 weeks, Cheyenne will be available for motivation, to support and encourage you, keep you accountable, and evaluate your progress and make changes to your plan as needed. Cheyenne will work with you as you create small changes that are sustainable for you. Additional support via virtual meetings or calls can be scheduled as well, if needed.

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