Should I Put My Child In Therapy Sessions? | Scottsdale Psychiatrist

Should I Put My Child In Therapy Sessions? | Scottsdale Psychiatrist

Raising children can be overwhelming, even for experienced parents. Sometimes, children go through phases, and as a parent, you can be unsure on how to navigate them.


They may have experienced trauma or an outside event that may be influencing a new behavior. It can be quite difficult for you as a parent to adjust or help your child deal with what life throws at them. An excellent option to help you and your child is therapy. 


What Issues Do Therapists Help With?


Licensed psychologists and counselors receive comprehensive training in school, which allow them to handle a wide range of issues that may affect a child. The problems they deal with can range from short unexpected phases to behaviors triggered by events like trauma. Therapists help their patients make sense of their place in the world and issues that arise. Their job is to strengthen your child by helping them deal with their problems in a healthy manner.


Here are some significant issues that therapists can help with:

  • Problems with family.
  • Problems at school.
  • Extreme sadness.
  • Anger.
  • Having too much worry and stress.
  • Coping with grief.
  • ADHD.
  • Anxiety and OCD.
  • Depression.
  • Self-harm.
  • Eating disorders.
  • Trauma-related disorders.
  • Disruptive behavior disorders.


Why Do Kids Need Therapy?


Some of the above mentioned topics can be overwhelming for a child to handle independently. Problems that affect how a child behaves, feels, and responds to the world around them need to addressed. 

Sometimes, things may get better on their own, but if they do not and start to worsen, you may need professional help.


How Does It Work?


Therapists will use several strategies to help kids feel comfortable in therapy. The younger your child is, the more likely you will be involved in their therapy. When a kid is very young, the whole family may be involved. The therapists may use activities like playing, drawing, and talking to connect with the child and create conversation. The idea is to help the child talk through their problems and potentially solve them.


One of the main aims of therapy for a child is to help them gain emotional skills and good habits. The therapist uses encouragement and support to bolster good thinking patterns. They help children discover and find their strengths.


What Happens in Therapy?


After the therapist has a clear idea of what may be affecting your child, they will inform you of the treatment strategies they may use. It may include:




Talking is the primary mode of treating kids and adults in therapy. When kids talk out their feelings instead of always acting upon them, they learn to cope in a healthier manner. When they feel heard, they are receptive to learning.




The therapist will use some activities to teach kids coping mechanisms and to practice mindfulness. They can teach ideas like deep breathing and mindfulness to deal with stress.


New Skills


Therapists also use games to teach kids about skills like patience and self-control. 


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