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Improving the look and health of your skin enhances not only your appearance but also boosts your self-confidence and self-esteem. At Choulet Wellness our skin care specialist offers personalized skin care consultations and treatments. Call the office in Scottsdale, Arizona, or request your skin care consultation online today. Now scheduling for October 2021. Both in person and virtual consultations are available.

Skin Care Q&A

What is skin care?

Skin care is one of the wellness services available at Choulet Wellness, where the skin care specialist strives to help their clients feel good on the inside and out.  Our skin care specialist designs customized facial treatments to improve the look and health of your skin.

What are the skin care services?

The skin care specialist at Choulet Wellness customizes your skin care treatment to meet your needs and goals, using clinical-grade skin care technology and products from Osmosis MD.

What can I expect during a skin care appointment?

You can expect a comprehensive evaluation when you come in for a skin care consultation at Choulet Wellness. 

Your initial consultation includes discussing your current skin care routine, your concerns, and your expectations. The skin care specialist also examines your skin and creates your personalized skin care treatment plan with expert-picked products specific to your skin’s needs.

Custom facials include:

  • Skin analysis
  • Three step deep cleansing
  • Enzyme exfoliation
  • Detailed extractions
  • Custom treatment serum 

Ultrasound vibration therapy

Ultrasound vibration therapy is a device that resonates at 34,000 ultrasonic vibrations per second to accelerate the absorption of the treatment products.

High frequency electrotherapy

High frequency is a skin care technique that is used to treat a variety of conditions, including acne management, enlarged pores, fine lines and wrinkles and reduce redness and inflammation.

Facial Cupping

Cupping is a therapy that uses suction to stimulate your skin.  This treatment promotes increased blood circulation which aids in cell repair and regeneration.

Derma – Rolling

Derma-rolling is a skin care treatment used to help rejuvenate the skin, treat acne scarring, and reduce signs of aging by creating micro punctures with tiny needles to stimulate collagen, promote wound healing and new cell turnover.

Facial Infusion Peel

Facial Infusion generates a 30-day collagen production by using a high-dose of active ingredients into the dermis through liposomal delivery.  The peel enhances results for acne, aging, rosacea and hyperpigmentation.  Advanced treatments combine derma-rolling with the Facial Infusion Peel. 

For more information about skin care services, call Choulet Wellness | Concierge Psychiatry and Wellness Specialists or schedule an appointment online today.

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