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Led by concierge psychiatrist Brook Choulet, MD, Choulet Wellness combines clinical education and experience with her knowledge of the law to provide forensic psychiatry, assisting in the psychiatric needs of legal cases. Dr. Emily Gavett uses these tools to evaluate, assess, and provide opinions and recommendations regarding mental well-being related to the legal matter. To learn more about forensic psychiatry services, call the office in Scottsdale, Arizona, or book an appointment online today.

Forensic Psychiatry Q&A

What is forensic psychiatry?

Forensic psychiatry is a specialized area of psychiatric medicine focusing on the connection between mental health and legal issues. This includes mental health evaluations for criminal and civil legal matters.

Forensic psychiatry requires a good understanding of the links between mental well-being and its relation to legal issues. Dr. Gavett uses her forensic psychiatry training to balance the clinical needs of her forensic psychiatry clients and the potential risks (harm to themselves or others) related to their legal matters. 

What are forensic psychiatry services?

At Choulet Wellness, Dr. Gavett provides court and legal evaluations for individual care and needs on a case-by-case basis. Some of the forensic psychiatry services include:

Medical peer review (MPR)

For an MPR, Dr. Gavett reviews medical records to determine if the client has an underlying mental health condition. 

If she determines a client has a mental health condition during the review, she assesses the level of impairment, how the mental health issue relates to the legal matter, and the appropriateness of current cognitive and medical treatments.  

Workers’ compensation evaluations

Dr. Gavett provides independent psychiatric evaluations (IPEs) for workers’ compensation clients. This evaluation includes a review of medical records as well as a psychiatric assessment of the injured worker. 

Choulet Wellness provides an appraisal, medical opinion, impairment rating, and treatment recommendations for the injured worker in the IPE.

Psychiatric impairment and disability

Legal matters such as personal injury, workers’ compensation, short-term disability, and long-term disability may affect a person’s psychological well-being (impairment), preventing them from doing the things they enjoy (disability). 

Dr. Gavett performs psychiatric evaluations to assess a person’s psychiatric impairment relating to the legal matter and how it affects their disability. 

Fitness-for-duty evaluations

Employers may have concerns about an employee's ability to manage their daily job duties. Dr. Gavett offers fitness-for-duty evaluations to determine if the employee can safely perform their job. 

Child custody evaluations

Choulet Wellness also provides forensic psychiatric evaluations for child custody matters. 

Malpractice evaluations

Dr. Gavett offers forensic psychiatry evaluations for malpractice claims.

What can I expect from forensic psychiatry services?

Dr. Gavett is a skilled professional psychiatrist, so you can expect a comprehensive evaluation and thorough assessment for your forensic psychiatry needs. She provides legal help for individuals, attorneys, employers, and insurance adjusters. 

Forensic psychiatry provides mental evaluations relating to legal issues and the law. Whether for you or your client, Choulet Wellness can help. 

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